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Women need a longer time to reach climax than men. If you are not heeding to this fact, then you are not paying attention to your partner`s needs. You must help her to reach the climax for mutual gratification and satisfaction. Sex is not just a quick penetration and going into slumber. Women compromise to keep the sanity, and in this respect, there is conciliation, not heartfelt satisfaction. There are two options, to ignore your partner`s happiness or pay close attention to the pleasure both of you are looking for.

Take your time

All women are unique and have different fantasies and kinks which turn them on. Some like soft touches, tender kisses, while other love some rough sex and a bit of sadism, aggression. It would be best if you had the insight, which evokes passion in her, so you could smoothly sail into the ecstasy. The starting point is a simple kiss at the right moment at the right place. It is possibly the best way to invoke the dormant fire within you and her. Take your time, pamper her with whispers, shower her with kisses, feel her soft tongue, her soft, resilient breasts. This gives her a hint; she will have a wonderful ride.

Teasing is essential in the foreplay; many couples ignore it, thinking it does not play a role in ultimate satisfaction. Teasing is like turning the knob of the stove of passion; the liquid of zeal will start boiling slowly. Tease your lover, slowly, playfully take away her clothes, lean-to kiss, and pull away; the kiss should never come. Touch her erogenous zones, her collar bone, nipples, and her butt; see the rippling effect in the pond of erotica. With proper foreplay, she gets naturally lubricated, you can smoothly enter your dick in her juicy vagina. You can learn and discover a new horizon of foreplay and teasing in the videos of the hottest ts pornstars.

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